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About Grand Central Express Old #45

Train #45

Looking for and picking a fun activity for your next event/party can be a difficult choice to make.  When deciding on a theme, color, venue and date, selecting the right entertainment for your guests plays an important role.  That’s why Grand Central Express Railroad trackless train is the perfect choice for your next corporate event, birthday party, fair, festival, family or church gathering. 

Kids and adults are “All Aboard” for a trackless train at their event/party. Our 30-foot-long train has a realistic appearance complete with an engine with authentic whistle and bell sounds that is operated by a costumed engineer, an open coal car, 2 covered passenger cars and of course the covered caboose. Themed music is played during the ride and can be heard in each car. The train can run on smooth paved surfaces on mostly level ground and has a turning radius of 18 feet.  Passengers can select which car they would like to ride in and each ride can accommodate up to 22 children or a mix of 16 adult/children depending on adult size. 


The Grand Central Express #45 was operated inside the Grand Central Mall in Vienna, WV from 2015 until November 8, 2018 when a new model was put into operation. Over the years we have been asked to attend outside events but this was not a possibility until now. Grand Central Express #45 is ready for outside events and is the only permitted train on file with the State of WV Division of Labor Amusement Rides available for rental. We carry a $2 million liability policy and enforce strict safety precautions for our riders.

For added fun, we have purchased a Cotton Candy machine and we are selling this old time favorite at our events.

Grand Central Express is a fun ride for all ages!


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Frequently Asked Questions


What type of events is the Grand Central Express suited for?

The Grand Central Express can be used for birthday parties, festivals, corporate events, company picnics, business promotions, grand openings and family reunions to mention a few. All events big or small will be considered.


Am I getting the train pictured on your website?


Absolutely! This is our #45 Roundhouse model train. Blue/Silver engine with matching passenger open air coal car, a green passenger car, a yellow passenger car and red passenger caboose. 

What powers the train?

The Grand Central Express is quietly powered by 8 charged car type batteries which can hold a charge up to one week depending on use. There are no emissions. The train has air inflated rubber tires.

What is your contact information?

You may contact me by calling or messaging my cell phone at 304-488-1814 anytime. I am also available by email at mgoldsmith1231@gmail.com.

What are your prices? 

Contact us for pricing details. We offer different pricing models depending on type of event. 

We have a 1 hour minimum, with a discount for each additional hour. Distance from Mineral Wells WV can affect pricing. WV State Tax is charged separately. If you are tax exempt, your exemption certificate must be provided. 

What is included in my rental fee?

Your rental fee includes everything you will need to have for an unforgettable train experience. We will arrive with sufficient time to allow us to unload and assemble the train and be ready for your guests at the scheduled time. We use a 20-foot trailer to transport our train. Of course, the train conductor is included in the price.

What areas do you deliver to?

Currently, we are only operating within West Virginia. Each state requires different licensure and tax accounting requirements. 


Do you require a security deposit?

We require a $100 dollar security deposit payable by bank check, money order or cash at the time of booking. We do not accept personal checks and do not offer credit or debit transactions for our Outside Events train. Remaining balance for the event is due on the day of the event at the beginning of the event before the train goes into operation.

What is your cancellation policy?

1) Security deposit will be refunded within fourteen (14) days of cancellation if:
a cancellation request is made in writing at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date and time of the event

2) If the event for which the train was reserved is rained out a full refund will be made.  Reschedules for rained out events cannot be guaranteed. Renter acknowledges that the security deposit will be forfeited if reservation is canceled within the 14-day period before the reservation event date.

3) If the train would have a mechanical failure and unable to participate at the event, a full refund will be made. If a mechanical failure lasting longer than 30 minutes during the event, a prorated amount will be refunded for the time the train is not in operation.

Can Adults Ride Too?

Absolutely, the Grand Central Express is designed to hold 22 kids or a mix of 16 adults and kids depending on size.

Can you operate the Grand Central Express at parks?

Public or neighborhood parks are great places to have the Grand Central Express. We have obtained approval to operate at City Park in Parkersburg WV. We have submitted the necessary paperwork for operation within the park for scheduled events.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we carry a $2 million dollar liability insurance policy.

What type of surface is required to operate the Grand Central Express?

The best surface to use is asphalt or cement that is mostly level. Slight inclines can be navigated. We will not run the Grand Central Express on muddy surfaces or hilly terrain (no exceptions).

How far in advance do I need to make the reservation?

We recommend that you book your event at least 45 days in advance to insure availability.  

Upcoming Public Events

Due to family illness, Grand Central Express #45 will not be attending any Spring events at this time.  Check with us for future dates.  We'll miss you!

No upcoming events.

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